With COVID-19 being very much a part of our day to day lives, we have taken extra measures to ensure everyone's safety during class. Here are a few of the steps we have taken to provide some peace of mind:

  • Smaller class sizes - We have always prided ourselves on having small class sizes for extra individual attention. 

  • 6 feet apart - We have marked the studio to guide the dancers to maintain social distancing.

  • Masks - Instructors and any parents that enter the building are required to wear masks. Dancers are required to wear masks when they enter but are allowed to pull masks down while dancing so that they can breathe easily. It is during any downtime that we ask the kids to make sure their masks are on. 

  • Temperature check - Temperatures are taken when each child enters the studio. 

  • Hand sanitizer - Hand sanitizer will always be provided for everyone to use. If anyone feels sick we ask that you please stay home.